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Basic rules of playing in an online casino on the official Fairspin mirror

With the development of Internet technologies, there has been a significant change in public opinion regarding gambling. Slots, roulette, and poker bets, as well as other varieties of gambling entertainment on the Internet, are created on the basis of technologies that provide maximum reliability and security. Control over the activities of such resources is carried out by special international commissions and internal public services.

This article will outline how to play in a modern-style online casino. We will talk about the main criteria for choosing a gaming club and the actions required to start the game. In the final part, useful recommendations are offered. By following them, you can get more benefits from playing casinos online and make it as comfortable and safe as possible.

How to Play Casino Online

Which online casino is better to play: selection criteria

Currently, hundreds of gambling Internet resources offer their services on the network. It is not easy for even an experienced player, not to mention beginners, to choose which casino game online is better. Dozens of general and individual factors can be taken into account here. The most common criteria that play an important role for all users are reliability, safety, convenience, and benefit. Let’s dwell on each of them in detail.

Reliability and security

This category includes all the factors that ensure confidence in the gaming club and the safety of using its services. When choosing an online casino, be sure to pay attention to the following parameters:

This group of criteria also includes the conditions of financial policy. Here, reliability and security are ensured by the payment providers whose services are offered for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, when choosing a casino, you should definitely clarify whether one or more of the payment methods used here are suitable for you.

Convenience and benefit

This group includes parameters that contribute to the comfortable and efficient use of the resource. Here, when choosing the casino to play online, it is necessary to build on the following criteria:

The criterion of benefit and ease of use is also the speed of payments and the absence of commissions when depositing and withdrawing money. Here, the most reliable methods are cryptocurrency wallets, which are more than enough on the Fairspin website.

How to start playing: signing up and making a deposit

A registered account is required to play online casino games for real money. With its help, personal data and funds on players’ accounts are protected. The standard registration procedure that allows you to play at an online casino includes the following items:

  1.     Indication of contacts (email, phone number), which are later used as a login.
  2.     Creation of a unique password, which is an identifier when entering a personal account.
  3.     Acceptance by the player of the Terms and Conditions (simultaneously confirms the age of majority).

As an alternative, casinos offer to register through social networks. In this case, the user simply provides the game club server with access to information in the social network profile.

The next step to starting the game is the first deposit. It is recommended to immediately choose the most profitable payment method for you. Note that most casinos, for security purposes, make payments only to the bank card or wallet from which the deposit was made.

How to Play Casino Online 1

How to play online casino correctly: useful tips

Unlike offline, gambling with the use of online gambling projects does not depend entirely on randomness. Along with the Random Number Generator (RNG), the Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) parameter is used here. Slot providers set exact return percentages for each game. Therefore, various strategies work here, and you can choose the optimal time for betting.

Betting strategies

Experienced players use various schemes to play in a casino. The choice of tactics depends on such parameters as:

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the gameplay algorithm via the casino online play for fun. This opportunity is provided by many casinos, and Fairspin is no exception. Various strategies can be found on gambling forums and blogs, as well as on video hosting sites, where players often post such guides.

Here is the recommended number of spins, moves, or bets depending on the volatility, which allows you to count on winning with a high probability:

This recommendation will help you calculate the bet size based on the amount available. Moreover, if a big win in a game with high volatility appears earlier, it is better to either reduce the bet or even pause.


The question of when is the best time to play in an online casino does not have an exact answer. There are many options here. Naturally, each player has more chances of success when the maximum number of users participate in the game. It usually happens in the evening. Priority is given to weekends and holidays. However, some players prefer the opposite. They take risks after midnight, relying on the fact that after large investments, there are few competitors left who can get the return. That is, when choosing the time, you should rely on your own experience and capabilities.

We hope that the information in this article will help you choose the best online casino for you. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact customer support. On Fairspin, the customer support service is available 24/7, and we are ready to provide any informational assistance!