Best online casino bonuses 2023

The availability of bonus programs is one of the distinguishing features of online gambling projects. The rapid development of the industry contributes to increased competition. This, in turn, encourages online casino owners to create convenient conditions for their players.

Bonuses are the most effective way to attract and retain players, and Fairspin is no exception. The site has an extensive bonus program. You can find a detailed description of each promotion in the corresponding section. It also offers general information about the best online casino bonuses.

What are online casino bonuses?

Today, the word “bonus” probably does not need an explanation. This loyalty tool is used in many areas and industries. For example, in modern online casinos, bonuses are various gift accruals that can be used to play. At the same time, unlike free demo credits, bonuses available to online casino players are equivalent to real money. If certain conditions are met (wagering), you can withdraw bonuses to a card and crypto wallet or use other available methods.

Wagering requirements in online casinos

With rare exceptions, when a bonus is immediately credited to the main balance in an online casino, it has to be wagered. Wagering means a certain number of bets in slots. It is set using a coefficient, which is a wager. Let’s give an example that best demonstrates how the wagering scheme works:

The player receives a huge online casino bonus of 100 USD with a wager of 30x. It means that the received amount needs to be spinned 30 times before it can be withdrawn. In other words, the player must place bets for 3,000 USD, after which the money will be automatically transferred to a real account.

In addition, the Fairspin online casino bonus wagers are one of the strengths of our rewards program. Even if this indicator exceeds 50x, a large selection of slots with high RTP and low volatility allows players to wager the received bonus funds easily.

Online casino bonus format

The distinctive feature of the top casino bonuses online program is its diversity. Therefore, bonuses in the best online casinos are accrued in different forms. The first one is money sent to a special account. It can be received as a deposit percentage or a fixed amount. The option with a percentage is more common, allowing players to choose the optimal deposit amount for themselves.

The second form of online casino bonuses is free spins. The player receives a fixed number of spins at the rate specified in the promotion terms. The entire amount of winnings from free spins is credited to the bonus account. This format is more attractive for gamblers since, at the time of receiving the best casino bonuses online, it is not known exactly what amount will be credited in the end.

Furthermore, bonus packages have recently gained popularity. Many players believe such presents are the best form of online casino bonuses. In this format, organizers combine free spins and interest accruals. This is precisely what new Fairspin users get as a welcome package. Moreover, in our version, a player can choose the best option for themselves in terms of the deposit amount.

Types of online casino bonuses by the method of receipt

In the practice of modern online casinos with bonuses, there are two ways of accruing bonuses, and both involve replenishing the balance. The most common is a deposit bonus. The player deposits a certain amount (the casino sets the minimum) and receives a corresponding reward. However, no-deposit bonuses are of higher interest to users. This is quite natural since you do not need to invest your money to receive such gifts.

Reasons for bonuses

In everyday life, we give gifts for some reason. The same goes for online slots casino bonuses. Of course, the reasons for receiving can be completely different – from the user’s birthday holiday to the World Cup. However, several standard motives are typical for most bonus accruals. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Welcome bonus

Casino bonuses online designed for new players are one of the key elements of any online casino’s rewards program. Marketers pay special attention to the welcome bonus since it is this tool that allows you to convince the player to sign up and encourages them to start playing.

Bonus packages produce the strongest effect in this regard. Their conditions apply to several deposits at once. Accordingly, an online casino welcome bonus encourages beginners to be active by playing slots.

Reload bonus

Almost any activity is more efficient if there is high-quality and, if possible, stable support. For online casino players, such support is reloading online casino big bonuses. They can be accrued on a one-time basis or a regular basis. The accrual can be made in any format.

All such bonuses have the same goal. It lies in supporting existing players and encouraging them to be constantly active. Users, in turn, regularly receive additional funds for the game, which increases their chances of success and the level of confidence in the gambling project.


A partial refund of lost money is one of the most loyal elements of the reward program. It plays more than just a comforting role. In the history of many gambling projects, and Fairspin is no exception, there are numerous examples when, having received the cashback, players not only fully returned their losses but even won much more. It should be noted that when choosing an online casino with a cashback bonus, players tend to prefer projects where the accumulation of experience allows increasing the percentage of regular cashback.

Holiday bonuses

Promotions dedicated to various holidays belong to the most common type of bonuses. The reason for accruing such a gift can be a celebration of any scale, from the New Year holiday to the player’s birthday. There are no restrictions on the format of these casino online bonuses types. Sometimes the organizers of such promotions even depart from the classic types, replacing the traditional interest on the deposit and free spins with other forms. In particular, the best bonuses for online casino are gadgets, household appliances, and tickets to concerts and sports competitions.

Loyalty program bonuses

Almost all top online casinos offer their players to gain experience and improve their gambling level. As a reward, users are presented with various types of bonuses, including no-deposit bonuses. A distinctive feature of the loyalty program is that all the registered players participate in it by default. That is, each user becomes a loyalty program member immediately after registration. For comparison, participation in any other promotion with online casino bonuses is voluntary.

How to get online casino bonuses?

In the final part of this review, we will talk about what needs to be done to receive bonuses from online casinos. First, we would like to note that in almost every promotion held by a particular gambling club, there may be differences, even though insignificant ones. Therefore, before participating, you should carefully read the terms and conditions. As a rule, they can be found in the corresponding section of the site. In particular, information about Fairspin online casino bonuses is published in the “Promotions” section.

A detailed review of bonus conditions will not only help comply with them to receive bonuses but will also provide an opportunity to detect any “pitfalls” that can subsequently prevent the use of the promotional offer. We are talking about such features as the timing of the promotion, time limits for wagering the bonus, and others. As for the general requirements that must be met in order to receive a bonus in an online casino, it is enough to highlight the need for registration on the platform. Also, the general condition is to make a deposit (this does not apply to online casino no-deposit bonuses).

We hope that the information prepared by us will be useful to you. With it, you can quickly and easily understand the features of the biggest online casino bonuses. At the same time, we recommend paying attention to bonuses on the Fairspin online casino.